Beautifully Made Package


We live in dangerous times with mortal threats lurking in every corner. Whether it’s the fury of nature or the depravity of humans, there are dire possibilities abounding in this world. So, are we powerless in the face of these precarious times? Is there no way to provide security for ourselves?

Thankfully for us, God has been kind enough to provide us a prayer that can bring security and mental peace to us and our loved ones. The Psalm 91 is this potent prayer whose power can ward off even the most evil dangers to our well-being.

This package consisting of a book and a study guide will give rise to a confidence and a feeling of security that will ease your tensions. This reminder of God’s omnipotence would fill you with that fearlessness that only true believers can have.

The Power Of The Work Of The Christ (Session-1) Package


Light up your life with reminders of the glory and mercy of God with this stationary package that will be a constant reminder to you and your loved ones of the need to rest in his glory. You can use the postcards in this package to send beautiful letters with an even more beautiful message engraved upon it – that of the greatness of Holy Spirit.

Then, there are the 7 inspiration cards with wood stand, 12 notecards, 1 notepad and 1 pen. Through them, you can perpetually feel a closeness and intimacy with the almighty and be reminded of his greatness that will elevate your existence into a higher realm of understanding and usher in unimaginable joy.

When you are faced with the trials and tribulations of life, you will remember that God is there for you and will give your security and prosperity.

The Power Of The Work Of The Christ (Session-2) Package


You want your friends to join you in celebrating the glory of God and singing his praises? Then send them postcards which are bound to inspire His remembrance and his greatness. Through The Power of the Work of the Christ stationary set which contains 8 postcards, 7 inspiration cards with wood stands, 12 notecards with envelopes, a notepad and pen, you would remain constantly in touch with thoughts of the Holy Spirit and also make your friends remember Him.

This simple but elegant stationary items will allow you to go through the daily hassles and challenges of life without forgetting that the almighty is there for you and will look after you. You will feel a sense of closeness to him without losing the focus on your daily work.

When Jesus in the Building Package


Not only can you enlighten your life with When Jesus is in the building CD set but also constantly remind yourself of the teaching of Apostle Alain Lea through this stationary set that is both beautiful and useful.

You can send postcards to your friends with this message and not only will they be delighted by your season’s greetings but would be inspired themselves to heed the teachings in this set and set their life on the path of celebrating God’s greatness.

With 8 postcards, 7 inspiration cards with wood stand, 12 notecards with envelops, one notepad and pen, you have a full set of stationary items that would keep you company throughout the day and make you feel a closeness to the almighty that you would cherish.

You Are Healed Package


No matter how big the hurdles in your life are, the grace of God will help you clear it. So, discover this grace in your life daily with the gospel of grace and feel a closeness with Christ. Grace Capsule is a very handy 4GB MP3 player that has 55 messages conveying the essence of the gospel of grace by Beth Lea.

With more than 70 hours of recording, you will be able to connect with the gospel of grace regardless of the time or place, whenever you need it. There are five topics into which this gospel has been divided. They are:

  • The Gospel of Grace – The New Covenant
  • The correct division of Covenants
  • Receiving the abundance of Grace to reign in life
  • Superabounding Grace for your every need
  • Grace is a person

With these messages, God’s kindness will be felt in your heart constantly

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