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Beautifully Made Package


We live in dangerous times with mortal threats lurking in every corner. Whether it’s the fury of nature or the depravity of humans, there are dire possibilities abounding in this world. So, are we powerless in the face of these precarious times? Is there no way to provide security for ourselves?

Thankfully for us, God has been kind enough to provide us a prayer that can bring security and mental peace to us and our loved ones. The Psalm 91 is this potent prayer whose power can ward off even the most evil dangers to our well-being.

This package consisting of a book and a study guide will give rise to a confidence and a feeling of security that will ease your tensions. This reminder of God’s omnipotence would fill you with that fearlessness that only true believers can have.

Blessed- Understanding Why God Doesn’t Bless Today CD


If you want to experience the full force of Jesus’s kindness and revel in His grace, then this reinvigorating 2-CD audio series of Alain Lea will show you the way. Here you will discover the infinity of His benevolence and how crucial it is for you to become a recipient of it.
Alain Lea will use the Gospels to reveal the boundless goodness possessed by Jesus and how it can be viewed in all aspects of life. You will experience the profound love and generosity of Jesus for yourself and will be deeply moved by the unconditional favors being bestowed upon you.
These two sermons will rekindle your faith in the power of Jesus’s generosity and make you realise the good fortune that you have been gifted by his blessings

The Power of the Work of the Christ (session 2)


Don’t let yourself be overpowered by the darkness of depression. Remove its evil shadows from your life before it envelops you completely by entering the sunshine of God’s blessings. In the second part of this revelatory series by Alain Lea, you would learn how self-centeredness and an obsession with your own selfish interests leads you towards inescapable traps of failure and condemnation and leaves you writhing in intense emotional anguish.

The best way to escape the bottomless well of depression is to embrace the love of Christ. Living in the light of his glory and seeking the power of his blessings would remove all darkness from your life and bring about a spring of regeneration in your afflicted mind. Heed the wisdom in Christ’s teachings and attain everlasting peace and wholeness.


You Are Healed- The Secret To Live Fulfill and Whole Life


If you yearn to achieve something higher than a banal existence, try and bring the glory of God’s grace into your life. This may sound highly difficult but can be achieved in a collection of simple but powerful steps that Beth Lea will explain to you.

100 little daily listening in this audio message will completely transform you from an average individual to one who walks in the glory of God and remains enveloped by his divine grace.

These daily readings include:

  • Words from scriptures that would reinforce your faith and bring greater awareness
  • A profound truth about the boundless grace of God that will transform you
  • A pious thought that will leave you reinvigorated and exalt your thinking
  • A simple but deeply moving prayer which will make you feel closer to the almighty
  • The opportunity to write about your day and the thoughts and reflections that animated it

You Are Healed- The Secret To Live Fulfill and Whole Life CD


In this restless and heartless world, you are constantly tormented by various troubles from different quarters. The drudgery of the life can reduce you from a lively being animated by the spirit of God to machine devoid of any goodness.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. Beth Lea explains how you can turnaround your life and make it a truly wholesome and fulfilling experience. In this 3-CD audio series, you will learn how to bring about the anointing of the almighty in your life and elevate your existence into one of bliss.
Hear and heed this message and you will discover the light of God’s grace that will make all the challenges and difficulties of your life fade away and perpetual joy to arrive.

The Power Of The Work Of The Christ (Session-2) Package


You want your friends to join you in celebrating the glory of God and singing his praises? Then send them postcards which are bound to inspire His remembrance and his greatness. Through The Power of the Work of the Christ stationary set which contains 8 postcards, 7 inspiration cards with wood stands, 12 notecards with envelopes, a notepad and pen, you would remain constantly in touch with thoughts of the Holy Spirit and also make your friends remember Him.

This simple but elegant stationary items will allow you to go through the daily hassles and challenges of life without forgetting that the almighty is there for you and will look after you. You will feel a sense of closeness to him without losing the focus on your daily work.

The Power of the Work of the Christ (session 1)

Your little becomes much in God’s hands! Joseph Prince reveals secrets from the feeding of the five thousand to help you unlock God’s supply for your needs. See how God can multiply what’s meager to more than meet the demand no matter how great it is. Whether it’s healing for your body or practical supply for your family, find faith to receive your miracle as you catch a revelation of our ever-giving Lord Jesus. Stop worrying about the little you have or the largeness of the need—the One who loves to add His blessings to you is your God!

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