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Beautifully Made Package


We live in dangerous times with mortal threats lurking in every corner. Whether it’s the fury of nature or the depravity of humans, there are dire possibilities abounding in this world. So, are we powerless in the face of these precarious times? Is there no way to provide security for ourselves?

Thankfully for us, God has been kind enough to provide us a prayer that can bring security and mental peace to us and our loved ones. The Psalm 91 is this potent prayer whose power can ward off even the most evil dangers to our well-being.

This package consisting of a book and a study guide will give rise to a confidence and a feeling of security that will ease your tensions. This reminder of God’s omnipotence would fill you with that fearlessness that only true believers can have.

Blessed- Understanding Why God Doesn’t Bless Today CD


If you want to experience the full force of Jesus’s kindness and revel in His grace, then this reinvigorating 2-CD audio series of Alain Lea will show you the way. Here you will discover the infinity of His benevolence and how crucial it is for you to become a recipient of it.
Alain Lea will use the Gospels to reveal the boundless goodness possessed by Jesus and how it can be viewed in all aspects of life. You will experience the profound love and generosity of Jesus for yourself and will be deeply moved by the unconditional favors being bestowed upon you.
These two sermons will rekindle your faith in the power of Jesus’s generosity and make you realise the good fortune that you have been gifted by his blessings

The Power of the Work of the Christ (session 2)


Don’t let yourself be overpowered by the darkness of depression. Remove its evil shadows from your life before it envelops you completely by entering the sunshine of God’s blessings. In the second part of this revelatory series by Alain Lea, you would learn how self-centeredness and an obsession with your own selfish interests leads you towards inescapable traps of failure and condemnation and leaves you writhing in intense emotional anguish.

The best way to escape the bottomless well of depression is to embrace the love of Christ. Living in the light of his glory and seeking the power of his blessings would remove all darkness from your life and bring about a spring of regeneration in your afflicted mind. Heed the wisdom in Christ’s teachings and attain everlasting peace and wholeness.


When the Jesus is in the Building..


When you feel you have tried everything to get out of a bad situation and are feeling hopeless, turn to the divine grace of the almighty and seek his guidance that will remove all hurdles from your path.
Apostle Alain Lea will take you on a journey, in this 3-CD audio series, where you will discover the endless generosity of God and how it can rescue you from the most despairing of circumstances and place you in the path of glory.
If only you choose the almighty as your guide, you would be able to navigate the most treacherous path and emerge unscathed. The key is to not lose hope and keep your trust in God intact. The anointing and power He possesses would make even the most daunting hurdles appear insignificant.

Blessed- Understanding Why God Doesn’t Bless Today


It’s nearly impossible for an ordinary individual to comprehend the boundless generosity and benevolence of the Almighty. Alain Lea brings the truth mentioned in the scriptures to you in the most vivid manner and describes how Jesus’s love for His followers is beyond the imagination of ordinary men. Whenever you need him and call out to him with a pious heart, this infinite goodness that He embodies would show itself in all aspects of a true believer’s life. You won’t just find his blessings, but also see the kindness and love that only He is capable of lighting up your life and bringing you into a state of blissful existence.Just open your hearts and try to reach out to him with a pious prayer and with his generosity, he will heed your call and bring himself in your life and transform you from within.

Beautifully Made- Participate In the Eternal Fellowship CD


Ever wondered about the significance of grain, wine and oil in the Old Testament? What is the true significance of these items for the devout and pious believers in God’s grace? Alain Lea provides these answers in this CD-message that would reveal the profound meaning of these seemingly commonplace objects.
You will understand how these nondescript items symbolize the death of Jesus Christ and the completion of His work on the cross. You will also realise that under the new covenant, these three objects are meant to keep his people healthy, safe and nourished.
This is a promise God has made to his followers and no matter how bad the condition of the world becomes, these three objects will always be available to keep His people fit and blessed.

The Power of the Work of the Christ (session 1)


Don’t ever despair of your bad fortune and think that you have been left hopeless in this world. The power of God’s grace and the guiding light of his kindness shall always be by your side if you just ask for it.
Apostle Alain Lea will show you the path to realise this infinite blessing of the almighty in this 3-CD audio series. He will guide you on the path to activating and anointing the grace of the Holy Spirit and experience the effects of His mercy.
No matter how tough the challenges and testing the tribulations of your life are, by heeding the message in this book which is revelatory while being practical, you will be able to overcome all your troubles and proceed to live under the light of His blessings.

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