Christ in all nations has established Perichoresis schools whose goal is to engage and train church leadership in the present day ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Training the Next Generation to Unveil God's Mysteries

We, at Christ In All Nations Centers, are very passionate to let leaders of this generation and the one to come know of the Lord’s Grace, and launched our Perichoresis School. The main goal of the School is to engage and train church leadership in the present-day ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ and to endow them with the ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with conviction, excellency, clarity, grace, love and the manifestations of the Spirit’ gifts.

What is Perichoresis?

“Peri” in Greek means “around” and “chorein” has multiple meanings including “dance,” “contain,” “go forward” and to “make room for.” (consequently, “choreia” means “to dance”).

Perichoresis is a Greek word that refers to the mutual indwelling, intersection and interpenetration of the three persons of the triune God consisting of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It also captures the profound union of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that has gone on since time immemorial, continues today and will go on forever.

Human Beings Drawn into the Divine Circle

John 16:13-15 best expresses perichoresis in terms of God’s glory. Jesus promises His disciples that the Spirit, when He comes, would reveal the truth of the Son to His followers, and this truth is from the Father. Through this process, all three will be glorified.

The Greek word Perichoresis is not found in the New Testament and was used by the Church Fathers a few centuries later to describe the depth of intimacy between the three persons of the Godhead. It has been used by contemporary Christian writers and ministers (e.g. The Trinitarian gregory nazianzen) to enhance our appreciation and experience of the Triune God. Circumincession is the Latin-derived term of the same concept where “circum” means “around” and “incedere” means “to go, to step, approach.”

Christians speak of the dancing triune God by means of the Greek term “perichoresis,” which expresses the interpenetration of the Trinity’s three persons. The Greek verb “chorein” means “to make space for” and is the root for “choreia,” meaning “dance.” [The term first appears in Gregory of Nazianzus (AD. 329-389/390) and was explored more fully by John of Damascus (AD. 676 –749).] … John of Damascus (and J. Moltmann and W. Placher of our own times) depicted the Trinity as three persons going around as in a dance, becoming united in that single activity while maintaining their distinctive persona…. Eastern Orthodox Christianity with regard to perichoresis has emphasized how redeemed human beings are drawn into the divine circle and benefit fully from the rich interrelating love of the divine persons. The dancing God, open to the world, in love, draws the world into Himself, empowering it to dance…

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How can that be possible?

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At Christ In All Nations we have One Job, which is to Reveal Christ in All Nations.
We Have One Passion, which is to Fill the earth with the awareness of Christ.
and we have One Goal, and that is for Christ to be fully Formed in All and Expressed through All