Beautifully Made- Participate In the Eternal Fellowship


What do you know about the Holy Communion? Chances are, not enough. This most sacred ceremony is not just a simple practice passed down the generations. It is a profound act deeply imbued with spiritual significance.

Realise the true significance of the bread and wine and use it to exalt yourself to a higher realization of God’s grace. For those who are dangling from the cliff of hope and about to plunge into the depths of despair, picking up the bread and wine that Jesus brings you will be a transformative experience.

God’s mercy is always there for his followers to benefit from. Alain Lea, through this DVD series, will show you how you can bring joy and happiness in your life by realizing the true potential of the act of Communion and using it to move closer to the almighty.



Discover the true greatness of the Holy Communion. Let Alain Lea explain to you the real meaning behind the bread and wine and how it can be your salvation even in the most despairing situation.


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