Empty- When Pure Love Confronts Belief


Are you confronting a major crisis in your life that needs healing? Is it becoming difficult to hold on to your faith while your endurance is being tested? Then turn to this booklet by Alain Lea that will reveal the power of the anointing oil which will ease your woes.

This booklet, which is revelatory while remaining very practical will reinforce your faith by reminding you of Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross for the sake of your healing. Use the complete work of Jesus to counteract negative situations and achieve deliverance and spiritual restoration.

You will learn how to use this anointing oil not just for yourself but for your loved ones also to enable the experience of His healing and protection. You will find stories of people who overcame pain and suffering through the anointing oil and will be inspired to live a Jesus-centered life.



If you are losing your faith due to tribulations of life and urgently need healing, then this booklet by Alain Lea will reveal the power of anointing oil and reinforce your faith.


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