We are committed to present Christ in all men by every available means. We believe that through the gift of participation by the Holy Spirit, the Church is involved in the ongoing mission of the triune Godhead to include all humanity into their shared love and to be infused with their shared life. This is the greater commission. It is thus the mission of the Church to embody the Word as Christ did.

In this light, we passionately teach and trains communities of adherents in several localities around the world who follow us faithfully via social media and through books and audio-visual materials.


As Apostle Alain Lea explains, ministry is participating in the present-day ministry of Jesus Christ and his ministry simply consists of the explanation of the mystery of Christ revealed in man and man included in Christ. He proclaims the union of God and man efficaciously secured in the person and life of Jesus Christ, in His incarnation and His all-encompassing finished work on the cross. That Christ, truly and fully God, and truly and fully man has enabled all to participate in the shared life of the Godhead.

He is the self-revelation of God to man and accepts all men in Himself as their substitute. He is the representation of man to God and presents man to God in Himself. Through His life, crucifixion, death, burial, quickening, raising, and seating, He has become the Head of the new Creation; the cosmos is reborn in Him. Jesus Christ has completely reversed and counteracted the full consequences of Adam’s fall, and as a result, God in the vicarious humanity of Christ has reconciled all humanity to Himself..



Apostle Alain Lea is an ordained minister of Jesus Christ. He is the founder of Christ In All Nations, Inc. He has been expounding and preaching the untainted grace of our Lord Jesus Christ for almost a decade now. His exegetical and inspirational method of presentation of the New Testament has established him as a theological authority in the Gospel of Peace, Grace and Love.

The revelation of Jesus Christ has always been the focus of Apostle Alain Lea’s ministry. Every message he preaches or teaches, as well as every book he has authored, has focused on the person of Christ who is the first and foremost passion of his life and ministry.

Through preaching and teaching, Apostle Alain Lea has trained and raised countless ministers of grace who minister the gospel of grace with grace and passion in different capacities all around the world.


Executive Director

Apostle Beth Thomas is a minister of the Gospel of Christ. She has experience in project management, research, writing, community development and educational programs. She is the Co-Founder of Christ In All Nations, a christ-centered ministry that has impacted lives in many nations. Her life is dedicated to encouraging men and women to live up to their full potential in Christ. She has more than a decade of teaching, preaching and counseling, which enables her to reach others with love, humor, warmth, transparency and strength. She is a wife, mother, author, teacher, public speaker, role model and mentor.

Apostle Beth Thomas leads World Agape Ministry which sponsors, educates, empowers, and encourages underprivileged families. She enjoys organizing Women Conferences to reveal the beauty of the life of Christ in women from all walks of life. She has authored a series of books mostly focusing on educating, equipping and empowering the body of Christ.


Chaplain & Counsellor

Anne has previously worked as a teacher, pastor, chaplain, and participated in export and import activities with International Labor organization (ILO)
After graduating with a Bachelor in Nursing Anne worked with various health facilities in Washington DC and Indiana USA.
Anne enjoys preaching the gospel, praying for the sick, chaplaincy, and attending to the sick.
At Christ In All Nations, Anne serves as Chaplain and counsellor.


Marketing Associate

Mark Irvin is a professional producer and promoter. He Produced and Promoted Broadway Musicals, athletic and theatrical events, and concerts. Received national acclaim while promoting the Northeast American Tour for a professional comedy basketball team featuring Meadowlark Lemon, Curley Neal and “Pistol” Pete Maravich. First Lady and “Shooting Star Spokesperson” Nancy Reagan, highlighted the national press conference held at The White House. Mr. Irvin also promoted Charleston’s “Success Tour” featuring world famous motivator and best-selling author, Zig Zieglar. Performing with Zig Ziglar was Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback, Fran Tarkenton. Other productions include: Sesame Street Kids, The Nickelodeon Tour, Magic School Bus, The Rug Rats, “The Acquire the Fire Unshakable Tour”, The Boy Scouts’ “Tenderfoot Golf Classic and The St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital Golf Classic.

After an encounter with the love of God, Mark Irvin decided to put his talent to the service of Christ In All Nations. He is passionate about the Gospel of love and grace being preached to every nation under the sun.


Community Outreach Coordinator

Joe is a local businessman with a construction and cleaning business. Since his encounter with the love of God, he has decided to share the same with others. He loves working with the marginalized through the outreach programs at Christ In all Nations. Joe has coordinated many local events that we host in the region that are geared towards feeding the homeless, connecting them with needed resources for rehab, training and safe reentry into their respective communities.